Fly2Go Smart Features

Fly2Go Smart Features

Our Flybee scooters are equipped with several smart features.

WiFi Smart Access

WiFi Smart Access is an app-free access got your scooter via your smartphone. We hate apps and therefore realized direct access by means of a small WiFi Web Server that is directly interfaced with the heart of the scooter's electronic governance. With WiFi Smart Access enabled, your Flybee scooter creates a (user configurable!) WiFi Hotspot. You simply select your Flybee's WiFi with your mobile device, and open your browser of choice to access your Flybee's responsive web portal. Here you can

  • Unlock / Lock your Flybee
  • See your battery's voltage
  • Activate / Deactivate the Anti-Theft function
  • Trigger a sound of your Flybee
  • Remote-start your Flybee (Lights turn on, Scooter is ready to go)
  • Configure your WiFi Hotspot's name (default: MyFlybee) and password
  • activate / deactivate smart locking (locks your Flybee automatically once network connection is lost)

In order to share your Flybee with your friends, simply forward them the credentials of your Flybee. Logon and unlocking your bee is totally intuitive!


Bluetooth KeylessGo Funtionality 

With our KeylessGo feature, your Flybee gets three smart keychains (iBeacons) that are well known to your scooter. Once you approach your scooter, it will recognize your key and automatically startup, chirp, turn on its lights, all ready to go! All you have to do is jump right on and take off. 

Once arrived, just walk away from your scooter. Within about 10 seconds and more than 5 meters distance, your scooter will automatically lock itself and activate anti-theft. The Bluetooth KeylessGo feature can be activated / deactivated by means of a switch below the seat. 

 GPS/LTE Remote Operation

At the time of publication, this feature is still reserved for our business-to-business fleet operations. The B2C backend is still under development, availability of the B2C version is expected for Q3 2019 and will be announced here. With our GPS/LTE module, our Flybees gain full remote-operability via the internet. Directly interfaced with the scooter's controller, our GSP/LTE module allows remote unlocking / locking / position recording / speed governance / battery level indication. GPS-based anti-theft protection is just one of the many features that are available through our GPS/LTE module. Once integrated and activated, all data are sent to our safe cloud-based data bases, allowing for a free-floating fleet management, generating data to optimize fleet operations with ease.