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Flybee GTS. Pure Power. Pure Style.

  What is the Flybee GTS?

GTS stands for "gran turismo, sport", indicating that our Flybee GTS is meant for long ranges, high speed. It is even certified for the "Autobahn".

Loaded with functions such as Wifi Smart Access,  iBeacon Keyless Go, electronic key sharing by WiFi, the Flybee GTS also offers an extremely performant drivetrain with a 65 ampères electronic speed controller, a maintenance-free electric hub motor, large, 120s tires for ultimate stability and dual hydraulic disc brake system besides many other safety features. 

  75 km/h & <5 sec acceleration 0-45 km/h

Using quality components without compromise, our Flybee GTS achieves an outstanding 0-45 km/h acceleration below 5 Seconds (75 Kg driver's weight), a real world range of 60 Km at its Top-Speed of 75 km/h, and almost 100 km at 45 km/h, a truly extraordinary performance in its class. 

  Power. Speed. Range. 

  Smart intelligence. Made for you.

Flybee's energy efficiency saves you money, protects our environment - and gives you awesome ranges: You get a true range of 60 Km (real-world scenario, NEDC, ECE15+EUDC at top speed) and about 100 km at 45 km/h.

  Removable Battery

Charge any time, anywhere. The safe, certified, ultra high performance lithium battery holds close to 3 kWh of energy and is removable within seconds. Take the battery home or to your office for charging. Any 230V socket will suffice! Computer-controlled charger with smart features guarantees longevity of the battery and a safe charging experience (no memory effect, 80% within 3-4h, dual over-charge protection at battery and charger). 

Technical Measurements


Specs that will make you
fly like a bird.


  60 Km Real-world Range*

The high-power GTS Battery offers ranges of up to 100 km (@45 km/h speed) - and up to 60 km in a "real-world scenario" (NEDC, ECE15+EUDC measurement at 75 km/h). Check other scooters, and be aware of how ranges have been measured (have they?)

  <5 Seconds Take-Off

Take-off with confidence from the pole position - your Flybee GTS pulls you from 0 to 45 km/h in less than 5 seconds,  outperforming almost almost all cars and scooters. Just try it - and you will never wanna go without it. 

  USB Fast Charge

No more empty phones: When riding your Flybee GTS, you can safely fast-charge your phone underneath the seat, using your Flybee's USB fast-charge port. 

  Flybee GTS for TWO

Although your Bee could likely take three or four passengers, it is certainly legal to take TWO. The really large seat and retractable aluminum alloy foot-rests allow you to pick up your friends and take them along with ease, comfort and joy. 

  Digital Cockpit

The digital cockpit provides state-of-the-art driving-related information that are visible in all weather conditions and perfectly integrate into the classical design of the machine.

   HighPower Battery

Safety first! Your battery contains almost 300 extremely durable, performant and  electronically-managed, inherently safe lithium ion cells, goverend by a computer-controlled battery management system that ensures balancing, charging, discharging and temperature control. 

   High Quality 5460 W Motor

Flybee GTS features an extremely powerful, efficient and virtually maintenance-free motor. The motor is rated at 4 kW and runs at a measured peak power of 5.460 kW (input) to provide the power for the extreme acceleration and top speed of the GTS.

  Unlimited Spare Parts

Should you ever experience a "hard landing" with your Bee: Don't worry. We provide you with any spare part required at a symbolic price (not for resell).

  Maintenance Network

We have a large network of maintenance and support partners all around Europe. In case your Flybee does not 'fly' anymore, we are here to help and ready to connect you with the nearest support station.

Tech Specs

Optional Upgrades:

iBeacon Bluetooth KeylessGo Upgrade

Flybee GTS is smart: With our FLY iBeacon Bluetooth manager on board, your scooter get a one-of-a-kind keyless go function: As soon as you approach your scooter, it unlocks and starts up automatically, emitting a short sound and flashing its lights. Once arrived, you simply walk away from it and iit will automatically lock into anti-theft mode. All managed by your tiny, stylish Bluetooth low energy-empowered FLY Keychain.

WiFi Smart Key Sharing upgrade

With our FLY WiFi module, your scooter broadcasts its own, fully configurable WiFi access point - This allows you to remotely lock / unlock your scooter via its responsive WiFi portal - totally App-free! It also offers electronic key sharing via any smartphone (iOS, Android and any WiFi-enabled device).


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